Planning application for almost 700 homes at Cammo – object by 8th June

Sign our petition against the Cammo development

The planning application to build almost 700 new homes on the Cammo fields has been formally lodged with the Council.  Residents have until 8th June 2018 to lodge objections.

You can see the detailed plans here.

Alongside Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP and Christine Jardine MP, we have consistently opposed developing this site.  We believe that SNP and Labour councillors were wrong to zone the land for new housing back in 2016.

Whilst there are elements of Cala’s plans which are positive, such as a community hub, our fundamental objections remain unanswered;

1. There is still no proper plan to address the traffic problems at the Barnton junction which will get WORSE under these proposals,

2. We face the loss of iconic and panoramic views of the Cammo Tower and Cammo Estate with the building of flats along Maybury Road.

3. New bus stops are proposed on a road which has NO BUS SERVICE and no guarantee of new or extra services over the long term.

It is vital for local people to lodge objections during this consultation period.  There are three ways you can help.

  1. Sign our petition against the development.  It takes just a few clicks.  Sign the petition here.
  2. Write your own letter of objection. We have provided a standard letter for you to use here.  Please feel free to add any additional comments you might have.  Don’t forget to copy us into your letter (cc and
  3. Ask your friends, family and neighbours to object too.  The more people who object, the more impact this will have when the matter comes before the planning committee.